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What is the Account page and how do I access it?

You can view your Britannica Online Premium account on the Account Details page. This section summarizes your personal information and membership details. Once you have successfully logged in to the Britannica Online Premium Web site (, you can access your account information by clicking on the "My Account" link.


Account Details

How can I change my e-mail address/password?

You can change your e-mail address/password by clicking on the "personal information or password" link.


What does Account Type mean?

A Premium membership entitles you to full access to all the features and functionality Britannica Online Premium has to offer. This includes.... (Research Tools, etc.) As a Premium member, you can save your work, create new documents, upload media files, and edit and submit new articles to our Britannica editors.

A Community membership entitles you to limited access to Britannica Online Premium. You will not have full access to Britannica articles, but you will be able to preview snippets of articles, save your work, create a new document, upload media files, recommend an article, or submit changes to our editors.


What are the different types of memberships?


What does Status mean?


What does Billing Term mean?

The Billing Term is the billing cycle used for your membership. "Yearly" means you have an annual membership, which is billed once a year. "Monthly" means you have a monthly membership, which is billed once every month.


What does Billing Rate mean?

Billing Rate is the price of your annual or monthly membership.


What is Last Billing Date?

The Last Billing Date is the last time your credit card was successfully billed for your annual or monthly membership.


What is Next Billing Date?

The Next Billing Date is the date your membership is set to renew automatically.


What is Next Billing Amount and will this amount Change?

The Next Billing Amount is the amount your credit card will be charged when your Britannica Online Premium membership renews. Please note, this does not include any applicable taxes. Billing rates are subject to change without notice. For more information on our billing policies, please see our Terms of Use.


What is Payment Method?

Payment Method refers to the payment type (e.g., Visa or Visa Debit) that you are using for your membership.


How can I update my credit card information for my membership?

Click the "credit card" link on the Account Details page to update your credit card information.


How can I change my billing address information for my membership?

Click the "billing address" link on the Account Details page to change your billing address information.


How can I reactivate my membership?

Click the "Renew" link on your Account Details page to reactivate your membership. You can also visit the Account Maintenance page:

You can also contact Britannica Customer Support using the following numbers:

Telephone (U.S. and Canada): 1-800-323-1229

Telephone (All other countries): 1-312-347-7159


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E-Mail Preferences

The E-Mail Preferences section of the Account page will list all the Britannica newsletters that you are signed up to receive. The following is the list of all the newsletters we offer:


How can I change my newsletter preferences?

Click the "E-Mail Preferences" link to change your e-mail preferences.


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Software Registration

What are the benefits of registering a software product?

By registering a software product with Britannica, you are entitled to great benefits that include the following:


How do I register my Britannica software product on my account page?

Click the "Register" link in the Software Registration section of the Account page to register your Britannica software product. Please be sure to have the name of your Britannica software product and the serial number handy before registering.


What are my Current Registrations?

Current Registrations list the software products you have previously registered with Encyclopaedia Britannica.


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Member Benefits

Britannica Online Premium members receive exclusive offers from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Click on the "Member Benefits" link to view all the current promotions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.


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