World Atlas

The World Atlas feature on the Britannica Online Premium site is located in the Research Tools section of the home page ( For full access to the World Atlas, you must be a Britannica Online Premium member. After you have logged in to the site, scroll down to the Research Tools section and click the "World Atlas" link to get started.

To select a specific continent/country/province/state, use the drop-down menu in the top-right of the World Atlas page. For example, select a specific country, and the map will zoom in and the boundary of the country will be outlined. For an even closer view of the country, double-click on the country to zoom in or use the zoom-tool feature in the upper left corner, which allows you to zoom in and out and to pan north, south, east, and west. Under the drop-down menu, you will notice the view tool, which allows you to change the look of the map. This feature includes three different view types: Map, Satellite, and Terrain. Below the map, you will find select facts about the country. If you would like more detailed information, click the yellow arrow link labeled “GET MORE STATISTICS AND INFORMATION."