When you are researching historical events or have questions about a chronology of events, try browsing the Britannica Timelines. Timelines are organized by time and subjects such as art, daily life, ecology, literature, medicine, music, religion, science, sports, technology, and more. Each timeline links directly to corresponding encyclopedia articles.

Members can access the Timelines feature in the Research Tools section of the Britannica home page. Once you are on the Timelines page, you can click on any of the scrolling subject buttons to browse that topic. After choosing a particular subject, place the cursor on any event tile to move forward in time. Each tile has a brief synopsis of an event that occurred at that particular time. If you would like more information on an event, click the “Learn More” link on the bottom-right of the tile. This link will redirect you to the Britannica article for that event.

Helpful Hint: If you would like to view events that occurred in specific periods of time, click and drag the slider bar along the timeline.

You can switch between topics using the subject buttons at the bottom of the page. Once you have completed browsing a timeline, simply click on another subject button to browse that timeline. After clicking on the new subject, you will see the tiles automatically.