Compare Countries

There are two ways to access the Compare Countries tool. The first, and most direct way, is to click on the “Compare Countries” link found in the Research Tools window on the home page. The other option is to click on the “Browse” link near the top of the home page screen. When the browse page opens, click on the “Compare Countries” link on the left side of the screen. It is the second link from the bottom.

On the Compare Countries page, the interface for this tool appears at the top of the content window that reads “Compare this country: _______ To this country: _________.” There are two drop-down menus with a full list of countries to select. Highlight and click on the countries you would like to compare. Once you have selected the countries you want to compare, click the “Go” button.

The results are displayed in the window below the menu. The information about each country is shown side by side so that you can compare the information.

The comparison information appears in four sections. The first section includes general information about each country. This includes the official name of the country, form of government, head of state, official language, official religion, etc. This area also includes links to media related to the country, as well as the complete Britannica article on the particular country. The “View Media” and “View Article” links can be found under the sample image for the country.

The second section contains statistical information about the two countries. This includes material such as gross national income, population density, and average household size. This section also includes a link to the Britannica World Data Analyst, where users can explore additional statistics about each country and create custom tables and charts.

The Maps section links to the selected countries in the Britannica Atlas. Click on the “World Atlas” link to view maps for the selected country.

The final section covers the flag history. This section includes a small image of the country flag and a link to the Britannica article on the history of that country’s flag. Click on the “Learn about the history” link to view the flag history article.