A-Z Browse

A-Z Browse allows members to easily navigate through the entire contents of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. For those members who prefer reading the printed encyclopedia cover to cover, A-Z Browse makes this option a possibility, and it is easy to use.


One way to use A-Z Browse is to select a specific letter and browse the results for that letter. For example, if you select the letter “P,” you will notice a list starting with “p” and ending with “pz." If you want to navigate to a specific word starting with “P,” you may want to select the first two letters of the word to narrow the results. The article “pea crab (crustacean)” can be found by selecting "P" in A-Z Browse and then selecting “pe” to narrow the results. Please note, if you want to jump to a specific word, selecting the first two letters of a word will expedite the process.

Helpful Hint: You can also navigate to a specific word by typing the word in the search box just to the right on the A-Z Browse page and clicking the "Go” button (or hit the Enter key on your keyboard).

You will notice that some of the two-letter combinations under a given letter are listed in gray, not blue. These letter combinations do not have any articles associated with them. For example, there are no article entries for “pq” and “px” under the letter “P” in the Britannica database.

If you hover over an article title in the search results, you will notice a summary window appear on the right side of the screen. If you would like to read more, simply click on the article title in the search results list, or you can click on any part of the summary window. To learn more about the article page, click here.

When you hover over a result, you will also notice a small folder appear at the end of the results column. Clicking on this folder icon allows you to save the article to your Workspace. To learn more about the Workspace, click here.